Monday, May 07, 2007

My Kind of Weekend

  • Sold our old house, met the buyers and handed them the keys, appliance manuals and garage door opener.
  • Hired a baby-sitter and went on a great downtown date (and celebration). First we ate dinner at a nice restaurant. Then went to a nightclub for dancing to a band called Wonderbread5.
  • I finally reconquered the yard at our new house (I had been spending all of my weekends maintaining and fixing up our old house).
  • Attended a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours.
  • When the kids went down for a nap, we did too.
  • Had dinner at our neighbor's friend's pizzeria while watching some fights, even though they were only boxing.
  • Rented a good movie called "Invincible" with Mark Wahlberg, based on the true story of Vince Papale.
  • Church in the morning.
  • Took a short afternoon nap.
  • Replaced the spark plugs on my car. It was missing a cylinder, but now it runs fine.
  • Attended a birthday party for a friend's son from church.
  • Paid bills and balanced checkbook (to me, ridding the bulletin board of financial obligations and getting rid of our stack of receipts is a good feeling).
  • Watched the latest episode of Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter (downloaded the bittorrent).
To summarize, we finally jumped the hurdle of a major challenge (house sale), had a really good date night together, accomplished some major chores, got some sleep, spent some good times with friends, enjoyed the outdoors during beautiful weather (at both parties), relaxed by watching a good movie, and enjoyed a tv show too. Life is good, if even just for the moment.


Amanda Lomonaco said...

I enjoyed our weekend immensely, too. Thanks honey for your part in making weekends (especially this past one) so great. I really dig our dates when we can actually go out of the house for a change! Must keep doing that!

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