Monday, January 29, 2007

Meaning to Mind My Mouth More (part 2 = delivery)

I know most people are like this, but I cringe whenever I hear my voice replayed to me (over the answering machine or whatever). This is mainly because of my excessive mumbling. I'm pretty sure that I am able to speak clearly, especially when I'm making a business call as an aggravated customer, but I think my mouth is just prone toward laziness most of the time.

In addition to that, my mumbling is exacerbated by my haste to speak. So since I'm talking quickly and my mouth is barely opening or changing shape to enhance the pronunciation, it's a wonder people can even understand me! If a person I'm talking to is actually paying attention to me speak, I have to wonder if it's because they are actually interested in what I'm saying, or because they have to concentrate so hard just to understand the words.

So in addition to being cautious with my vocal content (as stated here), I would really like to make a greater effort to to speak clearly and pronounce my words properly. And if any of you notice me being lazy mouthed, then feel free to give me a slap in it.

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Kentucky Kate said...

Well, at least you can still type. If you start mumbling through your posts, we'll have a problem.

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