Saturday, May 02, 2015

Deadly Dream (from Thursday night, 4/31/2015)

I was in our house with my family.  Our house looked different though.  It was a little bigger and grander and had a lot more wood features.  I was on the top floor (it had at least three) and the rest of my family was at the bottom of the house.

I was on a ladder trying to fix something or another (replace a light bulb perhaps?).  When I started to get down, I lost my balance somehow and was falling off the ladder.  I tried to recover and jump down, and I was able to land on my feet with a loud thud.

Hearing the loud noise, Amanda yelled up to see if I was ok "MIKE!?"  I yelled back "I'M OK!" She yelled up again "MIKE, ARE YOU OK?"  I repeated my reassurance "YEP, I'M OK!"  This went on a couple more times, with her voice getting louder as she headed upstairs in my direction.  "Why can't she hear me, dang it!" I thought to myself.

Then I realized that I didn't land on my feet after all.  My soul was still alive and fully aware, but it was no longer in my body.  I didn't feel any pain, and I wasn't bummed about dying.  But as I woke up I felt immensely sad for the trauma that my family would soon encounter.

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