Monday, January 19, 2015

My Spiritual Goals for 2015

I started this list with 5 goals, then kept adding on additional ones as I was thinking about it more.
  1. Set aside quiet time in morning (at 5am, before going to the gym)
  2. Finish reading the Bible again (this will be the 2nd or 3rd time through it)
  3. Keep a prayer journal (listing prayer requests and any observed answers/results)
  4. Be dedicated and consistent in prayer together with Amanda
  5. Find news stories to pray for (utilize God's power on a global level)
  6. Memorize books of the Bible (titles, order)
  7. Witness to at least one person per month
  8. Participate in at least one mission trip (planning for Detroit)
  9. Participate in one local mission/outreach activity per month (Matthew 25 ministries in January)

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CatholicMom said...

Awesome Goals, Mike!
your friend in Christ, Sharon

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