Saturday, March 01, 2014

Bad Dream

I had a dream on the morning of 2-27-2014 that woke me up earlier than I expected to. In it my family and I were on vacation and staying in a cabin of some sort. We couldn't find Clara for a little while (my 4 year old girl). After a little while we realized she was out on the front porch. But she wasn't alone - there were other people there with her. I somehow knew they were nearby residents - a redneck looking guy, four of his sons (middle school aged I think), and a female too. Clara is normally very cheerful and happy, but now something was very wrong. She looked sad and forlorn and wouldn't even look me in the eye. I knew something had happened and I feared the worse. The last thing I remember is that i had a medium sized camping knife and I was rapidly determining what the best way to use it would be, and on whom. Then I woke up.

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