Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

While not perfect, this was a pretty successful Valentine's Day.  

I can't help but tilt my head sideways a bit when reading my own words though.  Why "successful", instead of "romantic" or something like that?  To me, the idea of this holiday is to do my best to make Amanda happy - to be romantic and "woo" her.  Ideally, every day would be like that (or perhaps once a month)?  But heck, with life and kids, and work, and stress, and busy-ness, I'll use Valentine's day as motivation to make it at least one day a year.  So this year:

We solidified babysitters for a dinner date to a Thai restaurant called The Banana Leaf (although Amanda picked the restaurant and made the reservation).  

Then I surprised her by putting a dozen red heart balloons (seen in the picture below) in her minivan the night before.  So they were there when she went to take Clara to pre-school.

Next, I bought a dozen red roses to bring home after work (also seen in the picture).

I also bought her an anklet, which I gave to her at dinner.

And finally, I wrote her a poem (below).  The only problem was that I didn't have time to purchase a card to write the poem in.  So I had to improvise and let her read it on my smart phone.
To have this time together now
Is really quite divine
A rare night out with you my love
My only Valentine

To gaze into your moonlit eyes
Upon a midnight clear
Is on the list of things that I
Hold wonderful and dear

Across a table candelit
A rare treat to behold
Touching feet discreetly now
Aware of what's foretold

Finally we are all alone
Away from normalcy
Drag each other further down
Beneath the blanket sea

Then up above sensory heights
Until we reach the shore
Hold you in my arms so tight
Beyond forever more.

Then back to life we go again
Pursuing happiness
Running hand in hand through this
Suburban wilderness

I love you wife.
Happy Valentine’s Day

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