Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Success

Well, after much effort and agony (in preparation), Valentine's Day was pretty successful.  Here are some highlights:
  • Amanda still had flowers that were in tact from the last time that I gave them to her, so I was able to forego getting new ones.  
  • I gave her a gift in the morning (it was somewhat practical, but only at her request).  
  • Wrote a small love note to her in the early afternoon.
  • I arranged for two stages of babysitting for the evening...
  • we could go on a surprise date to Sherman Clay, where they were holding a concert called "Sweethearts and Steinway" in their recital room.  They had wine and dessert for us to consume, and a jazz trio consisting of pianist Jim Martinez, a drummer, a standing bass, and a vocalist for some of the songs (which I guess made it a quartet for those tunes).
  • Before our date I gave her a (long and thoughtful) card.
  • I made reservations at Mas (a kinda-upscale Mexican restaurant), for us to have dinner after the concert.
  • Then I had one more small gift for her at the end of the evening.
We probably spent a bit more money than we should have, but this occasion comes only once a year, and I think the celebration/promotion of romance is worth it.  While the day had its ups and downs (as is always the case when taking care of the kids), we thoroughly enjoyed our evening together.  Of course, any date spent with Amanda is a good one though.

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