Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Loving the Learning Overload

Found my old C++ book today (Teach Yourself in 21 Days), and am finally going to sit down to learn it.  Day 1 is done so far ("Hello World!").

The foreseeable problem with this is going to be with making sure that I also spend time with the following:
  • Reacquainting myself to Verilog (I've used VHDL almost exclusively for the last 7 years).
  • Learning Altera's Quartus II tools.
  • Using C for programming my (just for fun) robot project, as well as designing a power supply for it.
  • Using BASIC for my school robot arm project (an evening Mechatronics class at Sierra College).
Oh yeah, all that and looking for a job too.  Ugh.

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