Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Trying to Concentrate, and Not to Laugh

Last week at work, I arrived for the day and did a double take. My boss had gotten a new haircut - and while he's always had longer hair, he now has it nice and short everywhere - everywhere that is, except for the back. So it's a perfect mullet!

What makes it so surprising is that this is a man whom I respect. He's a pretty good boss, a genuinely nice guy, has a cute family with 4 kids, and he's really smart too. So what gives? It's like a big, muscular, hairy dude wearing a Richard Simmons outfit every day - it's wrong under normal circumstances, but this takes it to a whole nutha' level!

Since he and I are working on a project together we were talking a lot about it during the day. But I was so distracted by his hilarious hair that I sometimes had a difficult time concentrating on what he was saying. I really had to restrain myself from at least just asking him "Have you ever heard of the term mullet?". Or perhaps mumbling under my breath the phrase "Business in the front, party in the back. " "What was that?" "Oh, nothing.", then repeat later.

I have heard that there are some tattoo artists who will refuse to give you ink on your face, simply because they know that it will completely screw up your life (socially, economically, etc). And while a haircut isn't as drastic by any means - Ron, if you're reading this, I love you man, but - you need to find a new barber, one that cares enough about you to just say no to the mullet.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

Please clean out your desk today.


P.S. Mullets are cool.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Whoops, that above comment was from me. Did it scare you? Don't fear. Just be careful. Take it from Deuced. You can lose your job by what you post about work on your blog. She did.

Where is the photo to accompany the story;-)?

Kelli said...

Mullets are super rad; especially if you're sporting one in a black trans am...totally bogus...NOT!

Kelli said...

PS -
I thought people in Cali. were supposed to be "cooler" than those in Bithlo...what give?

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