Tuesday, September 23, 2008

T-Shirt with Tap to Talk About

Last week I wore a new t-shirt for the first time. The front of the shirt (as seen below) says "Jesus Didn't Tap". I bought the shirt after noticing a UFC fighter wearing the logo before his fight. I thought it was fun and relevant, and thought provoking too, so I found their web site and bought one for myself.

The first response that I received about it was from a lady at my church (on a Wednesday night when I help out with the middle school kids) who asked me if it was about dancing (yes, tap dancing). I told her "no, it's about this" and proceeded to choke her out until she instinctively tapped my arm. "See, doesn't it make more sense now?" I said. She nodded as her breath returned through spastic gasps.

The second response I received was from a Starbucks employee who asked me what it meant. Since she didn't jump to foolish conclusions and since there was also that darned counter between us, I decided to try to explain it verbally this time. "It's from martial arts. You tap when you give up. So Jesus didn't give up."

A clumsy explanation, but it will do I guess. After I left, I wondered if I should/could have used that somehow as a transition to a deeper conversation about Christianity, but I have no idea how to make that work. I'll have to give it more consideration for the next time.

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