Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend was great! In only two days, I/we fit in the following:

Enjoyed a family outing.
To celebrate Lucas being potty trained, we rewarded him by going to Chuch-E-Cheese's for pizza dinner and games on Friday evening.

Enjoyed a date night.
I arranged for a babysitter on Friday night so Amanda and I could go out. We didn't do anything too exciting (Barnes and Nobles for coffee and dessert, then Wal-Mart to find some mother's day gifts and cards), but it was nice to have time together, away from home and without the kids.

Had a guys' night out.
To celebrate my friend Michael's 32nd birthday, his wife arranged a surprise poker party. So I got to play poker with five other guys on Saturday night - and I almost doubled my money.

Was productive.
  • I purchased my old work laptop for $98 + tax. They completely erased the hard drive, so I installed Ubuntu (Linux) Multimedia Center RC1 on it. It installed faster and runs faster than Windows, has a nicer interface, and all of the programs that I need it for are already included too. And it's FREE!
  • I prepped and painted the first coat on our downstairs bathroom. Amanda finished the second coat while I was playing poker with the guys. Then Sunday I returned the bathroom to functional status again.
  • I finished the modifications to my front car speaker boxes. I hope to install them tonight.
Had Church fellowship.
In addition to Sunday morning, we attended a joint pot luck Sunday evening with our church and the local Home Start program.

Went outdoors and got some exercise.
We went for a (approximately) four mile jog on Sunday morning, with me pushing the double jogger. We also took a short walk Sunday evening.

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Kelli K Bock said...

It sounds like you two are doing great! And yes, that was a very productive and fun weekend! Way to go for scheduling a date night.

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